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Add a right-click menu item to all files

This method was suggested in an old article from PC Magazine -

You edit file type-specific context menus through Explorer.

                     Select Options from the View menu

                     click the File Types tab

                     select the file type from the list

                     Click Edit

Now you can edit, add, or remove context menu options. Note that for a few special file types, such as executable files (programs) and batch files, Explorer limits your ability to change the context menu options.

To add a menu choice for all files, start by associating it to a single file type.

                     Chose Options from the View menu

                     click on the File Types page

                     select any file type, and press the Edit button

                     In the Edit File Type dialog, press the New . . . button and give your new action a distinctive name, say, ZZZNORK

                     Press the Browse . . . button and locate the application that should perform the action

                     When you have the command line entered correctly

                     press OK

                     press Close

                     and then press Close again

At this point you may want to right-click on a file of the chosen type and make sure the menu choice is working correctly.

Now run Regedit and search for ZZZNORK:

                     Press Ctrl-F, enter ZZZNORK, check only the Keys check box, and press Find Next. You should find it under a key with a name formed like HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ FileTypeName\shell.

                     Select Export from the Registry menu and export this branch to TEMP$$$$.REG

                     Delete the ZZZNORK key and close Regedit

                     Open TEMP$$$$.REG in your favorite editor and change every occurrence of the file type name to * (a single asterisk)

                     Change every occurrence of ZZZNORK to the name you want displayed for your new menu item

                     Save the file

                     then launch it

You've just added a menu item for all files. To add a menu item specifically for files whose types are not registered with the system, do exactly the same thing, but use the word Unknown in place of the asterisk.