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Access Manager and the Start Up Control panel are two of the best utilities available at any price - the fact that they are free makes them invaluable -


AM I use all the time to keep track of my 'net, network and software logins - it is fully featured, can generate passwords, keeps URLs for handy surfing, etc -


Start Up CPL I use less frequently - It is best to stop applications from auto starting in their own configuration settings -


Sun clock is the prettier of the two time zone programs, but I usually use the Iridium convertor because it is handier - I couldn't find any place on the Iridium site to download the file from, but dozens of locations show up if you do a google search - I included one such site here -


Eye dropper is little used, but when I need to identify a certain color, it is invaluable - same for Convert -


Sam Spade is an excellent program to help identify where email came from, but it is not for the feeble heart - tracing email can be very confusing to say the least - but if you are going to do it, Sam Spade removes a LOT of the drudgery -


Deskflag is a decorative utility - it is nicely done - and I almost always have it running on my desk top - but be aware that it can cause a lot of repainting and I did have one occasion where it interferred with another application - You might be better off with just a standard picture of a flag on your desktop, rather than the waving old glory supplied by Deskflag -


The Rename is without a doubt the best renaming program available - I used to use it all the time to rename my digital pictures - I have since purchased ACD Systems picture browser (The Rename is free) - I use it's rename ability and some other important tools (eg, nondestructive jpeg rotation transform), such that The Rename gets little use -


 The Outlook Contacts scrubber is another lesser used, but invaluable when it is needed - I have several contacts list and because of Contacts Scrubber, I can just merge them and use that software to purge/merge duplicates -


Several of these programs ask for donations if you like them - I have tried to make sure I donated a few bucks to all that I use and I encourage you to do likewise if you can afford it - if you can't afford it, then at the very least, write an email note to the author telling him why you like and how you use his program and thank him/her for making quality software available to all, including those that can't afford it - a lot of times, the only thing those folks get for hours and hours of work making sure their programs work without errors is an email note or two and they are usually quite appreciative of your comments -


Enjoy the programs!






Access Manager


Access Manager is free for personal use.   Download (3.2 MB).  For a quick introduction take a look at the the screenshots of the Main Window, the Options Menu and the Password Details screen.


With Access Manager you can keep all your passwords in one safe place:


·                     Web site passwords

·                     Private PIN numbers

·                     Computer logon passwords

·                     Door entry and alarm codes

·                     E-mail passwords

·                     Software access passwords

·                     Telephone banking codes


Access Manager has everything you need to help you manage your passwords:


·                     Easy to use - modelled on the Microsoft Outlook look-and-feel

·                     Blowfish encryption ensures that password information is secure

·                     Copy a user name or password to the Windows clipboard

·                     Keep notes with each password

·                     Keep links to web sites and email addresses with your notes

·                     Automatically generate new passwords (optional)

·                     Organize passwords into Types/Categories for easy access

·                     Goto to a password by typing the first letter of its description

·                     Find a password instantly by entering any part of its name

·                     Print a full password list for storage in a safe or bank vault



Startup Control Panel


Startup Control Panel is a nifty control panel applet that allows you to easily configure which programs run when your computer starts. It's simple to use and, like all my programs, is very small and won't burden your system. A valuable tool for system administrators!



Sun Clock


Sun Clock - A PC application and a useful screen saver - keeps you in touch with the sun and the moon and your colleagues round the globe


Time zones, multi-lingual support, phases of the moon, solar and lunar eclipses and now with stars and planets. The locations on the earth's surface where the sun and moon are over head are now indicated.


Three screen savers in one: Sun clock, the night sky, and a large format clock - take your pick. When used as a screen saver it now supports Windows screen saver passwords.



Iridium Global Time Converter


Iridium began giving this little tool away late last year. It's only just reached me, but it came in the back door.  I went to the iridium site to see if it was easy to send you there to get it.  Sadly it's hard.  Some firms have no idea how to do "internet things".  The map is brilliant, the distribution system appalling.





Eyedropper, an extremely useful freeware program has become even better! Praised by the Web designer community and DTP experts, and critically acclaimed by many shareware/freeware hosts, including 4 cows @Tucows Network), EyeDropper excels at its primary task: picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen.


Inetia has continually improved EyeDropper with many other small, but useful features. These features include: Measuring the distance between chosen pixels, zoom setting for improved precision, displaying values in most common formats (HEX, RGB, CMYK), displaying pixel coordinates and clipboard support. For our third release of EyeDropper, we have added a  significant component, which can help you capture any area of the screen,  displaying color values as normal, grayscale or even a Web safe setting and,  to top it off, the whole program is more compact than ever! EyeDropper release 3 is still freeware, and can be obtained from our  developers' Web site





Current version is 4.10


Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions!



Sam Spade for Windows


Sam Spade for Windows is a freeware network query tool


Each tool displays it's output in it's own window, and everything is multi-threaded so you don't need to wait for one query to complete before starting the next one


Some functions are threaded still further to allow lazy reverse DNS lookups (never do a traceroute -n again)


The output from each query is hotlinked, so you can right click on an email address, IP address, hostname or internic tag to run another query on it


Appending the results of a query to the log window is a single button function


There's a lot of online help, in both WinHelp and HTMLHelp formats. This includes tutorials, background information and links to online resources as well as the program manual itself





DeskFlag places an animated United States flag on your screen. The flag waves in the lower-right corner as you use your computer.


DeskFlag was created after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and is dedicated to the memory of the victims. We hope that in some small way, using this program helps people demonstrate their condemnation of this senseless act.


DeskFlag should work with any Windows computer running Windows 95 or later. Use the following links to download the program, tell a friend about DeskFlag, or get more information.



What is THE Rename?


THE Rename 2.1.5 (dated of december 2002) is a donationware program designed to help you to rename files and folders en masse with a number of possibilities and options.


This is a freeware program. You can use it in any situation (professional and personal use)


·                     You can rename a series of files with a counter: pict0001.jpg, pict0002.jpg, pict0003.jpg...

·                     You can rename files so the prefix is in upper case and the extension is in lower case.

·                     The program is useful for people who publish pages on Internet and need to convert file names to lower case.

·                     The file attribute changer is a very useful option for anyone using a CD recorder.

·                     You can rename pictures with their width and height.

·                     You can rename audio files (MP3, VQF, OGG and WMA files) based on their internal tags.

·                     You can rename files and folders


If you have a digital camera, THE Rename can use (EXIF) tags that your camera include inside photos



Outlook Contacts Scrubber™


The Outlook Contacts Scrubber™ provides a means of easily eliminating duplicate records from your OutlookCRM™ Contacts. It works by processing your OutlookCRM™ Contacts or Companies, looking for possible duplicate items. As it finds duplicates, it presents them to you, displaying field-by-field comparisons of item data, and proposing a logical way of merging the item data into one unique item. The user may then merge these items; the user can opt to use the program's proposed merge, or override it with personal own choices, on a field-by-field basis.