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Opening InkWriter/NoteTake PWI files


I believe the secret to success lies in the installation of Microsoft Active Sync 4.5 - Apparently MASV4.5 installs pwiofcnv.dll and pwireg.dll (perhaps among others) that have the ability to open and 'interpret' the internal file structure of a .PWI file -


I don't believe it makes any difference if you actually intend to run MAS4.5 or not - or whether MAS4.5 will work or not on your operating system - or whether MAS4.5 will actually sync a WM device - what you need is those dll's which can 'read' the .pwi files -


After I installed MAS4.5, I was able to open MS Word 2000, click File|Open and select a .pwi file - the InkWriter/NoteTaker *.pwi file type was added to the drop file type selector dialog box -


Likewise with Microsoft Works 9 Word Processer -


When I first ran ABC Amber Text Comverter (before installing MAS4.5) and clicked on a .pwi file, the program balked and said to install Microsoft Active Sync - After I installed MAS4.5, ANC Amber Text Converter also opened .pwi files -


I don't know if a .pwi file that includes drawing will display properly or not - I rarely used that feature and so far haven't tripped over such a .pwi file in my collection - I also don't know if those .pwi files with embedded sound will open properly or not - 


FTR, I am running Win XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3, Microsoft Office 2000 (I detest the ribbon bar) and Microsoft Outlook 2003 (to get around the 2GB .PST folder limit) - I also have Works 9 installed and Amber Text Converter V5.06 -


I'm running WinXP SP3 - MAS4.5 allegedly runs in WinXP SP2 or less - I haven't attempted to run MAS4.5 - I have no need to. I used to have a Palm Treo with Windows Mobile on it some time ago, but it has long since been retired -