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What the Heck Are "QMgr" and "LoadQM?"

I recently installed IE6 & MS messenger and i had a program called Microsoft qmgr trying to access the internet (zone alarm told me that!) i read some where when i tried to search what the hell is that , that it is a Microsoft program that lets other Microsoft network users know you are online, i know your against installing messenger programs that announces your presence on the net , but some time you need them. could you be kind enough to elaborate more on the subject , and thanks for a great work.--- Dr.Mohammed A. Alghamdi

There are a couple things going on that have very similar names. The file Loadqm.exe is a "quality monitor" that's part of MSN. It collects and transmits anonymous statistics back to Microsoft. You can read more about it--- and turn it off, to prevent anything from being sent back--- by opening MSN Explorer, clicking on "Help and Settings" at the top of the pager, then click on "Privacy" in the left nav bar, then click on "Service Quality Monitoring."

QMgr apparently is a "queue manager" identified as a "Background File Downloader" that "Downloads data for programs when the computer is idle."

There is no separate on/off switch for QMgr that I know of, but it can be blocked by ZoneAlarm (and by other firewalls that allow per-application settings). I've noticed no problems from blocking QMgr; if I ever do encounter a download problem, I can adjust ZoneAlarm on the fly to allow QMgr to connect temporarily, and then can re-disable it.

By manually disabling the Quality Manager and using ZoneAlarm to block the QMgr, you can regain control over some of the less obvious background activities that may be going on in your PC.



Hi Jim, Query Manager (LoadQM.exe) is a stand alone managing application that allows an author, (in this case it is Microsoft) to communicate and transfer data to a clients computer when connected to the internet. Can be used for any type of service management where data needs to go from point to point. In the case of this program, it is used for MSN Explorer and Instant Messenger updates. It can be disabled in Msconfig|Startup by un-checking the LoadQM entry. If you want you can delete it as it has no other purpose but updating that I'm aware of. However you really don't need too as it is very small and is out of service when removed from Startup. Remembering that updates will occur without the LoadQM, when actually visiting the MSN website as Microsoft interrogates each browser version upon connecting and will update it if needed. -- Sequoia