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Speed Up the Windows 2000 Professional Workstation User Interface -


I have made these same adjustments in every version of Windows I have run (Win95, Win98, Win98 2nd Ed & WinME) - The edits on this page all speed up the display of menus - If you make them all exactly as described here, you may find that Windows becomes 'too lively' - You can modify, 'temper' or reverse any of these adjustments to suit your taste - I have also listed my Task Bar & Start Menu settings here They remove the scrolling Programs Menu, add a cascading Control Panel and My Documents folder and remove personalized menus - You might prefer the way they work over the default Windows Settings -


                     Click Start|Settings|Control Panel

                     Click on Display

                     Click the Effects Tab

                     Uncheck "Use transition effects for menus and tool tips"

                     Click Apply

                     Click OK


MS TweakUI 1.33 is compatible with Windows 2000 Professional Workstation (and many other versions of Windows as well - Don't let the description fool that it is for use ONLY by Power Users - It makes registry settings a snap using a simple GUI and is much better than hand editing the registry - it is available here -


After you install it, I make the following changes using TweakUI -


                     Click on Start|Settings|Control Panel

                     Click on TweakUI

                     Mouse Tab (Click on it if you have to bring it to the front)

                     Slide the Menu speed slider all the way to the left (Fast)

                     Click on the General Tab

                     Clear all check boxes -


Beep On Errors

Cursor Shadow

Menu Fading

Mouse hot tracking effects

Tooltip fade


While you are at it,


                     Click the Explorer Tab

                     Check the None Check box, if you'd like to remove the arrow that is added to short cuts when they are created

                     Uncheck Prefix "Shortcut to" in new shortcuts

                     Click Apply

                     Click OK




                     Click Start|Settings

                     Click on Taskbar & Start Menu ...

                     Uncheck Personalized menus [see note at end]

                     Click the Advanced Tab

                     Check all the 'Expand ...' choices


I like the Control Panel and the others to 'cascade' - why have to click on CP, open an Explorer window and the click on the CP item of interest? -


                     Uncheck Scroll the Programs menu

                     Click Ok


The personalized menus 'hide' lesser used Start menu items - I find this annoying - Things keep moving around and I can't find the one I am looking for - I prefer the entire Start Menu to open like it used to in Windows 95 - I put a copy of constantly used shortcuts in the Quick Launch bar and frequently used items into folders I create and add directly to the Start Menu - Folders like Applications for Word, Excel - Utilities for ClipMate, Notepad, etc - File Tools for WinZip, WS-FTP, etc - and so on - In essence I create my own personalized menu, but whenever I want to find something I can go to the Programs menu and everything is there


Here is a low res picture of my Quick Launch bar which has the applications that I use several times a day, like the TV, Outlook, my internet connection, Copernic Search, Quicken, etc



And here is a picture of my Start Menu All my personalized items are listed here besides those mentioned above, the Graphics folder contains, Paint Shop Pro, ACDSee picture browser and so on the Programs Folder has everything in it, in case there is some lesser used application I need to access the Common Folders toolbar (described in the Quick Access to Commonly Used Folders article) is underneath the start menu at the minute