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WinXP Internet Connection Firewall Settings for iSpQ


Windows XP includes an Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) that can prevent iSpQ from receiving QMs or calls when the firewall is enabled. This firewall can either be disabled, or configured to allow iSpQ to operate while the firewall is enabled.

To disable or configure the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall for use with iSpQ:

1) Right Click on 'My Network Places' on your desktop. Choose 'Properties'. This will open the ‘Network Connections’ window.

2) This will open the ‘Network Connections’ window. Locate your internet connection in the ‘Network Connections’ window and click on it with your mouse. Your current internet connection should now be highlighted. Under 'Network Tasks', select 'Change settings of this connection'.

3) This will open the 'Local Area Connection Properties' window. Choose the 'Advanced' Tab.

[I don't reccomend this option: If you would like to disable the firewall, simply uncheck the box under Internet Connection Firewall and click OK. iSpQ will work properly with the firewall disabled.]

Otherwise, check the box under Internet Connection Firewall to enable the firewall, and then press the 'Settings' button to configure the Internet Connection Firewall for use with iSpQ.

4) This will open the 'Advanced Settings' window with the 'Services' tab selected. Click the Add button.

5) This will open a 'Service Settings' window. iSpQ requires open access to ports 2000-2003 to run properly. You will need to make a separate rule for each of these four ports for iSpQ to function properly. The example below shows the configuration for port 2000.

Description of Service: iSpQ port 2000
Name or IP address of the computer hosting this service on your network: localhost
External Port: 2000
Internal Port: 2000
Check the button next to TCP

Press OK to set this rule. 'iSpQ port 2000' should now be shown in you list of services with a check next to it.

6) Repeat the above and create a rule for ports 2001-2003.