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HughesNet Horizon 2 Satellite Decommission

HughesNet is decommissioning the Horizon 2 satellite at the end of October -

If you are a tripod internet user and are assigned to Horizon 2, you will need to contact a dealer to have your satellite reassigned -

I don't believe this can be accomplished through HughesNet, at least not easily -

Also HughesNet will try to upgrade your modem and antenna - this also is not advisable unless you are an expert - to relocate an HN9000S modem requires a certified installer -

I bought my PortaSat through Maxwell Satellite - Maxwell has withdrawn from the internet business -

Montanna Satellite is the only dealer I could find - Tom Mattheisen (406) 270-3492 was very pleasant and helpful - if you use coupon code "dslreports", you can obtain a $10 discount from the $50 reassignment fee - an online form and payment (through PayPal) is available on their website -

Essentially all of the Hughes satellites hit the 48 states. 113 and 117 are weak-to-nonexistent above the I-90 line in the west, but are the best for Mexico. Otherwise, 83, 89, 91, 99 and 127 are the most common in use by mobile users.

HR1 (127W) and G16 (99W) are two popular replacements - I understand HR1 has a 'hole' in the Dallas, Texas area if that's important to you - HR1 was low on the horizon for me currently in Massachusetts, so I opted for G16 -

The 'gist' is, go through the normal registration, -

* Select a different satellite from the drop down list -
* Align the dish to lock the transmitter and pass the ACP (cross pol) test -

Your modem must pass a transmitter signal lock and ACP test on the satellite before HughesNet will process your request (from the dealer) -

* Fill out the form with your old satellite (HR2) info and the new satellite info -
* Submit the form and pay the fee -

Usually less than hour later you should get notification (by phone or email) that your reassignment was processed -

* Do the registration thing again -
* After passing the ACP (cross pol) test, do NOT exit or quit
* Click next and follow the directions -
* You'll be asked to accept the HughesNet agreement
* You'll be asked for your SAN and PIN (usually the last 4 of your telephone number)
* Follow the rest of the prompts -

The system will load the new satellite information into your modem, download any required updated software and finally reboot -

I would redo the registration one more time, check enter manual paramters and verify that the new satellite's information has been been transferred to your modem and is displayed - check the Enable OPI display if you wish to 'tweak' your alignment - proceed through that signal strength and ACP (cross pol) test - if pass, exit and quit -

BTW, you can use Antenna Pointing to pass the signal strength and ACP tests once your modem has your current location set - the only reason that Registration Installer is used is so that you can set your current location (either by zip code or GPS) -

Check the System Status page ( for a 'green' light - it might take a while for new software to be downloaded -

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